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    High Performance Propeller Systems

    Rotax 912
    Airmaster AP332

    Performance Meets Simplicity

    An Airmaster propeller will maximise your aircrafts performance and safety, in every phase of flight. Simply select the flight mode on the blue control to select the appropriate engine rpm.

    Take Off

    Unleash the full power from your engine to get off the ground sooner, and clear obstacles faster.

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    Increase the safety and versatility of your aircraft with a higher climb rate.

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    Enjoy your aircraft more and reduce pilot fatigue with a faster cruise speed.

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    Put gas in your tank with a more economical cruise.

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    Make safer landings with steeper declines and increased control.

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    Special Functions

    Feathering (Glider) and Reversing (Seaplane) options are available to increase aircraft safety.

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    All Application Types

    Airmaster can offer a perfect propeller system for every type of aircraft, whether it be short feild, cruising, high altitude or water based. 

    Quality Comes First

    At the heart of every Airmaster propeller is a precision build hub and control system.

    Strong and Light

    The single piece hub shell is designed to withstand the high stresses experienced in flight to give a long service life.

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    Built Tough

    High strength retention assemblies are built to withstand the high loads experienced in flight, while remaining easily removable for propeller maintenance and inspection.

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    Smooth and Accurate

    Blade pitch is precisely controlled to ensure smooth, vibration free operation.

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    Quick and Precise

    Ultra high quality servo drives from Maxon (Switzerland) ensure fast, accurate pitch adjustment over a long operational life.

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    Perfect Finish

    Spinners are made from spun aluminium and are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes

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    Long Life

    Phosphor bronze slip rings are corrosion resistant to provide reliable power to the propeller in the harshest conditions.

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    Fast and Efficient

    Airmaster uses only the most advanced fully composite blade designs to provide fast, effective and quiet propulsion.

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    Simple and Precise

    Modern digital electronics are used to simplify the operation of the propeller system. The intuitive blue selector is used to set the engine speed, while the coloured indicators give confirmation of correct propeller operation.

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    Extensive Product Range

    Airmaster has a huge range of standard products available. Visit the products page and use the product filter to narrow your enquiry
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    Customised Solutions

    Where an existing product is not suitable, Airmaster are able to build customised solutions utilising a wide range of component parts. Each component can be made in a wide variety of configurations, to allow maximum flexibility.


    Propeller hubs come in many shapes and sizes from 2 - 4 blades, and in HP ranges from 80 -200.

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    Selecting the right blade is critical to the final performance of a propeller system. Airmaster partners with premier blade manufacturers from around the wold to make sure the best possible blade is used in each case.

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    The AC200 digital governor delivers fast, precise pitch control in all conditions. It comes in a number of variants targeting specific functions, and is fully programmable to for use on a wide variety of engines.

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    High quality aluminium spinner cones are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes, to ensure the perfect finish for each aircraft.

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    A wide range of extensions, spacers and adapters are available to make sure your propeller fits your aircraft perfectly

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    All the ancillary parts like Sliprings, Electrical looms, Brackets and Hardware are available to fit to a wide variety of engines. New parts are being added all the time, please ask.

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    What Customers Say

    We have a large collection of our customers experiences in the testimonials section. Have a look and try filtering for ones with your aircraft type (on the left hand drop down filters)
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    Technical Overview

    Sit back and enjoy this informative video (15 mins run time)

    Technical Articles

    Have a look through our library of technical articles describing product features in more detail
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