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    AE-RSxx Summary

    Airmaster Spacer Kits (Rotax 0.25 - 2.5in)

    The AE-RSxx are extension kits for use on the Airmaster propeller system. The extension is used to move the propeller forward to allow correct alignment between the aircraft cowl and spinner.  


    This kits are designed to fit the Rotax 91x series of engines, and are installed on the front face of the engine/propeller flange.

    They come in sizes 0.25in (3mm) up to 2.5in (64mm) in 0.125 (3mm) increments.


    Features include

    • Designed for all Airmaster propeller systems using Rotax 91x engine (or equivalent)
    • Range of lengths
    • Spacer style
    • Long life protection from anodised treatment
    • Industry standard AN hardware used for consistent quality and easy replacement
    • Quick installation with all parts and brackets premade