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    zz Is Your Aircraft Not In This List?

    Airmaster has propellers specified for a wide range of aicraft types.  


    However if your aircraft does not appear on the aircraft list, it does not mean we can not supply a propeller.  

    Some times a propeller is specified but is not listed on the web.  This may be because we do not have sufficient supporting imagery to make a web page or the number of aircraft in circulation is low.  In this case the best idea is to conact us and enquire.


    If the aircraft or engine type is completly new to us, we will make an assessment as to the suitablility of an existing propeller or design a new one if needed.  In either case we need to know as much about your planned aircraft and installation as possible.  This will include 

    • Aircraft Make 
    • Aircraft Model
    • Aircraft Top Speed
    • Aircraft Cruise Speed
    • Aircraft Intention (STOL, Xcountry, Speed, Altitiude, Amphib etc)
    • Engine Make
    • Engine Model
    • Engine Max RPM
    • Engine Rotation Direction
    • Engine Orientation (tractor/pusher)
    • Propeller Diameter (max allowable)
    • Propeller Blade Config (preference for 2 or 3)