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    Vladislav Cherkasov

    Aeroprakt A-22 Rotax 912S Airmaster AP332 “We are the world's first installed on the A-22 with "AIRMASTER"!!! It allowed a much lower engine speed while maintaining airspeed flight. We achieved climb rates of 1200-1350 ft/min... next...

    How to order an Airmaster Propeller

    How to order an Airmaster Propeller Step 1 – Preliminary Enquiry Email or Call Airmaster propellers (or a registered reseller) and outline what aircraft and engine you have, and what you want to achieve be use of the propeller.... next...

    Charles Chattin

    Aeroprakt A22 on Floats Rotax 912S AP332CTRH-WWR70Z "My smooth water takeoff distance was cut by a third. I can get off the water quickly with two on board. Cruise has been increased by 15 MPH. Great Prop." next...