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    Here at Airmaster we are very proud of the quality of our products. We believe they are the best available in the market today. Easy words to say, but here are some specific areas where Airmaster designs excel.


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    One Piece Hub

    All Airmaster propellers are designed using a single hub shell. The single shell design is able to distribute stresses evenly within the hub material making a stronger, safer propeller.

    Painted Hub Outer

    Each Airmaster propeller is fully machined on the inside, and protected on the outside with two pot epoxy paint. We specifically do not anodise the exterior of stressed parts to reduce the likelihood of fatigue cracking, ensuring a long product life.

    Modular Design

    All propellers conform to a modular design approach. Each major assembly comes out as a complete unit, and there is a high degree of compatibility between product groups. This gives a high degree of option flexibility and greatly simplifying servicing operations

    Precision Pitch Change

    Airmaster use a proprietary thread design with a closely matched, phosphor bronze guided nut to minimise backlash and inter blade pitch error. This ensures smooth, flutter free operation for the entire life of the propeller.

    Ultra Quality PC Motor

    Pitch change actuation is achieved with ultra-precision DCX servo gear-motors from Maxon (Switzerland). These motor drives are simply unsurpassed in build quality and long life performance.  More on Maxon>

    Easily Adjusted Pitch Change Stops

    Individual pitch stops are provided for the Fine / Coarse / Feather limits. All the pitch stops are easily adjusted from within the top of the hub to allow each propeller to be tailored to the specific conditions of your engine and flying environment.



    Fully Composite Blades

    Airmaster only selects the worlds finest quality blades for use in their propellers. All blades are fully composite construction (not wood) and have been verified by Airmaster as being suitable for their intended use.


    Leading Edge Protection

    Every blade in an Airmaster propeller incorporates in-built leading edge protection to shield the blade from air borne particles that can cause erosion. Most commonly it is electroformed Nickel, but Stainless Steel is also used along with other materials.

    High Strenth Blade Retention

    Each blade is held within the hub by a high strength steel ferrule. Besides having a high tensile rating, high strength steel is less susceptible to fatigue, ensuring the blade will be safely retained over its entire life.





    Easy to Operate

    The AC-200 electronic governor is extremely easy to operate with simple selection of engine speeds for the common modes of flight, Take Off, Climb and Cruise.  Further speed adjustment is possible by the use of the Hold function which selects engine speed in a similar way that cruise control is used in a car.

    • Simple selection for T.O. Climb and Cruise
    • Hold speed adjustable in flight

    Precise Speed Control

    Advanced software techniques are used within the AC200 controller to achieve fast and precise speed control, that are just not available in traditional propeller governors.  

    • Fast pitch change rates 4deg/s
    • High reliablity solid state construction
    • Field updateable software and parameters

    Instant Pilot Feedback

    The pilot is always aware of the correct propeller operation, thanks to the clear feedback indicators.  The unobtrusive but meaningful display confirms correct movement of pitch change mechanism, when a pitch limit is reached, confirmation that a speed signal is present, as well as any possible fault indication

    • Clear indication of propeller status
    • Advanced warnings of possible faults


    The AC200 is an extremely versatile control system that can be used with a wide variety of engine types.  All parameters are configurable including the engine set speeds which can be set by the user with any Windows PC.  In addition the controller can communicate with external telemetry systems (as used for UAV operation).  Operational data can also be logged for service purposes.

    • Programmable operating speeds
    • Fully configurable to different engine types
    • Logging functions
    • UAV telemetry options



    Flexible Mount Options

    Airmaster manufactures a large range of spacers, extensions and adapters to make sure the propeller fits you’re your aircraft perfectly.

    • Spacers 0.25-2in
    • Extensions 2-6 in
    • Jabiru conversions
    • SAE-1 adapters
    • SAE-2 adapters
    • Viking adapters

    Precision Machined

    All extensions are machined in house on our 5 axis Integrex mill-turn, from high grade billet aluminium to ensure concentricity and neat fit.

    Corrosion Protected

    All extension types are protected from the elements in an applicable way.

    • Extensions (Alodine)
    • Spacers (Anodise)
    • Drive lugs (Stainless)
    • Bolts (Cadmium)

    High Grade Hardware

    AN (mil-spec) hardware is used throughout the mounting range to ensure consistent quality and easy part replacement. Nordlock washers are used to guarantee long life vibration resistance

    • AN bolts
    • Nordlock washers

    Simple Installation

    Included with each extension assembly are specialist tools that simplify insertion and extraction of the propeller flange drive lugs.

    • Drive lug installation tooling



    Huge Range

    Airmaster provides a large range of spinner models, to fit any aircraft type. Current range includes

    • 8.3in (211mm)
    • 9.0in (229mm)
    • 9.5in (241mm)
    • 10.3in (262mm)
    • 11.2in (284mm)
    • 12.2in (310mm)
    • 13.0in (330mm)



    Choice of Finish

    The ideal finishing touch to your aircraft is a perfectly formed spinner. Airmaster spinners are available in a number of finishes. Highly polished aluminium, matte aluminium ready for painting by you, or painted gloss white by us.

    • Highly polished
    • Matte (ready for paint)
    • Painted gloss white

    Perfect Balance

    Airmaster spinners and backplates are made from sheet aluminium to ensure they are straight and perfectly balanced. They come fully finished and fitted from the factory.

    • Fully cut and finished
    • Precisely balance

    Precise Fit

    To ensure the spinner remains completely centralised, an adjustable front support is incorporated into the head of the hub. This can be used to completely eliminate any lateral play in the spinner cone, reducing any possible stress on the spinner backplate.

    • Fully supports front of spinner
    • Reduced fatigue on spinner backplate


    All spinner mounting screws are anchored by aviation grade riveted nut plates to ensure vibration does not work the screws loose.

    • Fully locks securing screw


    Easy Install

    All Airmaster backplates have pre-drilled holes in convenient locations to accept balance weights, making dynamic balancing a breeze.

    • Ready to accept AN3 series bolts and screws
    • Makes dynamic balancing easier



    Long Life

    All Airmaster sliprings are made from durable materials to give a long life and reliable operation.

    • Phosphor bronze (large)
    • Pure copper (small)

    Multiple Options

    Airmaster manufactures multiple slipring sizes and styles to give maximum flexibility.

    • Rotax mini
    • Rotax flat
    • SAE-1
    • Lycoming

    Compact Design

    The matching brush head includes 3 electrical circuits + 1 speed sensor all in a compact package. The same bush head fits both the large and small slipring designs.

    • 3 electrical ccts
    • 1 speed sensor

    Simple Installation

    Complete mounting kits including all the brackets and hardware are available for most engine types making installation very straight forward.

    • Rotax
    • UL Power
    • Jabiru
    • Lycoming

    Easy Maintenance

    Brushes are very easily replaced using basic soldering tools. An extra set of brushes are included with the propeller on purchase and subsequent sets available at a low cost.

    • Simple brush replacement
    • Long brush life