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    Service Bulletin #Date Description Applicability SerialCompliance
    SB-22 Oct 2023 Faulhaber PC Motor R5 Upgrade Various specific next service
    SB-21 Oct 2023 Sensenich blade paint defect AP43x specific immediate
    SB-20 Apr 2023 Hub and Blade inspection AP431/3 on UL350iS specific immediate
    SB-18 Oct 2019    Grease leak around retention nut   AP332S     as required
    SB-17r1 May 2016   Upgrade of Globe pitch change motor   All AP models(except AP308)   Up to 1125 as required
    SB-16a July 2012   Upgrade of ferrule on Jabiru engines   AP332/308    all immediate
    SB-15 May 2002   Pinning of Globe gearmotor base    AP308   all as required
    SB-14 Oct 2002   Sealing of blade assembly   AP308   all next service
    SB-13 Oct 2002   Oring addition to retentin nut    AP308   <60 as required
    SB-9 SEP 2002   Upgrade AC100 to AC200 control   AP308   <88 as required



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