Our Products


    Airmaster propellers represent outstanding value as an investment to the aircraft owner, by providing increased performance that is easy to use, and a lifetime of reliable, safe operation.


    Safer Flying

    A propeller is crucial to the safe functioning of your aircraft and demands careful selection. Choose an Airmaster Propeller to ensure your peace of mind. You are investing in a propeller system engineered for the safest flying posible.

    Exceptional Product Life

    The Airmaster brand is internationally respected as a high quality product. Buying an Airmaster adds both performance and long-term value to your aircraft. Our propellers that were produced over 15 years ago are still in service and supported. 

    I'd like to say how good the prop was to fit and do regular maintenance on. All the engineering looks spot on. This is in contrast to some other makes of CS props on similar aircraft in the same hangar which look pretty dog-eared after a few years, and whose owners have grumbled about reliability. I have a very solid feeling of confidence flying behind mine. I'd also add that Airmaster's staff were a model of courtesy, efficiency and good service.

    Complete System

    The Airmaster Propeller is supplied as a complete system so you do not have to factor in buying extra equipment like governors, spinners etc.  Each propeller includes:
    • Propeller hub:
    • Premounted blades
    • Electronic controller:
    • Aluminium spinner:
    • Mounting spacers:
    • Finished wiring looms
    • Specialised tooling:

    Bespoke Propeller Solutions

    When out of the box products will not cover your particular application, Airmaster is often able to make a special configuration of existing components as well as design of new ones to realise a custom propeller to fit your needs.  This is far more economical than commissioning a enirely new design.