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    Thank you for selecting an Airmaster propeller. Airmaster propellers are designed and manufactured to enhance the performance of your light aircraft.

    The 3, 4 and 5 series propellers are multi-functional, variable pitch propellers designed for use on engines from 80hp up to 200hp. The propellers are controlled with the AC200 ‘SmartPitch’ constant speed controller.

    Use of this Resource 

    This online resource is a collection of articles relating to Airmaster products. The online articles should be referred to, but not treated as the complete instruction on the installation and ongoing use of Airmaster products.  For this information refer to the printed manual that is supplied with your propeller. The online resource will progressively cover the following subjects:

    • Introduction
    • Physical Description
    • Specifications
    • Installation.
    • Set-Up.
    • Operation
    • Maintenance.

    Responsibility for correct installation, set-up, operation and maintenance of the propeller belongs to the operator. Failure to carefully read and follow the information in this manual may result in poor propeller performance, unsafe propeller operation, and may also result in the warranty on the propeller becoming void