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    Sling Aircraft are based in Johannesburg. They have a range of aircraft models, including the original Sling 2 and variants, Sling 4 and variants, and in 2018, they introduced the Sling TSi powered by the Rotax 915 engine. Airmaster has matched the Sling 2/Rotax 912S- Rotax 914 with the AP332S propeller, featuring Whirlwind blades WWR70W for excellent cross country performance, or Warpdrive blades WDR72T for robust performance in rugged conditions. The new Sling TSi/ Rotax 915 has been matched with the Airmaster AP430 propeller featuring blades WWR72B by Whirlwind, for excellent all-round performance. Airmaster is proud to be involved with the ongoing development of Sling Aircraft, and look forward to the release of the new Sling TSi High-Wing in 2022.